President’s Message

My name is Veronica Renta Irwin and I have the privilege of being the President of the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association for our 21st anniversary year, 2022-2023.


A Little About Me

After moving to Long Island from the Bronx, my parents, both born in Puerto Rico, settled in Brentwood, New York, where I was born and raised, and where they continue to reside today.  Growing up in Brentwood taught me how to overcome adversity, resist the pull of peer pressure and to appreciate the sacrifices my parents made in order to secure my future.  It also gave me a keen sense of social responsibility and the obligation we all have to promote the health and welfare of our community.


After graduating from Brentwood High School, I completed my undergraduate studies at SUNY Albany, then went on to Hofstra Law School, where I graduated in 1999.  As I went on to private practice, I settled in Nassau County and held Associate positions at 2 Nassau County Law Firms.  Working and raising a family in Nassau County has been a wonderful experience and exposed me to several organizations dedicated to the advancement and prosperity of the Hispanic Community.  I also met and formed relationships with community leaders who continue to be my role models and mentors to this day.


In 2001, I opened my own practice, Irwin & Streiner, LLC., in Great Neck, New York.  It was then that I finally had the freedom and support to begin my community involvement in the way I had always dreamed.  I formed relationships with political leaders, community advocates and community-serving organizations in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  I became an advocate for Hispanic representation in the government and on the bench.  I worked for social justice reform and education and action within the Hispanic Community.


Heart Meets Home

As President of the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association, I have the ability to join my love and dedication to Suffolk County, with my passion and devotion to Nassau County, and hopefully, be in a better position to serve the needs of Long Island as a whole.  I look forward to deepening my relationship with community organizations and creating new connections on Long Island and beyond.


My Promise To You

Many people use the phrase “I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me”.  However, that could not be truer than it is for me, in taking over the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association.  I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with several of our Past-Presidents, and they have shared with me their experiences and achievements during their time at the helm of LIHBA.  I have a deep appreciation for the vision of the organization at its inception, and through its early years.


Throughout my time with LIHBA, as a member and as a Board Member, I have watched as the organization has become bigger, stronger and has increased its reach across Long Island.  I have observed as each President has added to the already rich history of the organization, and has impacted the community of Long Island, each in their own way.


I am lucky enough to have served as President-Elect under Liza Milgrim-Reyes, who has elevated the organization to new levels of visibility in the legal and Hispanic community.  Working together, we have launched a new website, reviewed and revised our foundational documents and our by-laws.  We have launched new community initiatives to help mitigate the horrendous impact of COVID-19 on our community.  We have increased our on-line presence on Facebook and on youtube, in order to give our community flexibility in accessing our legal and community resources.  We have increased and expanded our financial support to our law school students to unprecedented levels.  It has truly been a great year in terms of the development and expansion of LIHBA.


My Goals

My goals as President of the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association are simple.  Continue the great work that was started by Presidents before me.  To ensure that LIHBA is financially and organizationally sound and prepared to meet the challenges of the future.  To continue to provide education and support to the Hispanic Community.  To promote the recognition, representation and advancement of the Hispanic community at all levels.  To assist students on their path to a legal degree.  To assist young lawyers and guide them as they embark on a legal career.  To support and encourage Hispanic attorneys to seek political, governmental and judicial office.


It is with a heart full of humble gratitude, and a genuine desire to represent our community, that I embark on the thrilling and terrifying adventure of being the President of the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association.


I look forward to working for you, with you and for the advancement of the Hispanic Community.