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Legal Information Program

The LIHBA Legal Information Program was created to provide relevant and accurate information throughout the Latino Community. The Hispanic community is being greatly affected in a myriad of ways by the COVID-19 Pandemic and it is LIHBA’s goal to quell some of the uncertainty with facts about their rights.

In connection with the Nassau County Office of Hispanic Affairs, the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association (LIHBA) is providing free legal information to the public on COVID-19-related issues.

Legal information will be provided solely by LIHBA and its members upon receipt by LIHBA of LIHBA’s intake form.

Nassau residents can now call 516-572-0750 or email to request information or resources.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided by the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association and any person who responds to an inquiry is solely informational. It does not constitute legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is established. The intake process and the consultation are all strictly confidential.

Call for Attorneys

The LIHBA is seeking volunteers to provide a free one-hour legal consultation remotely (either by phone or video service. Lawyers who practice in the following areas are especially needed: Immigration, Criminal, Landlord/Tenant, Estate Planning/Surrogate, Medical Benefits.

Call for Interpreters
The LIHBA is seeking to gather a database of members and non-members who are fluent in both English and Spanish to assist in translating documents, articles and other information, as well as assisting non-Spanish speaking attorney volunteers with legal consultations. All consultations will be done remotely.

To volunteer please email

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Community Partners

The LIHBA is proud to work with many incredible partners.

Free Legal Information – YouTube

Covid-19 Updates in English:

  • Five Things Non-US Citizens Need to a Criminal or Family Offense Matter – English 7/24/20
  • Immigration Law Updates – English 7/21/20
  • Trust and Estates Law Updates – English 6/30/20
  • Immigration Law Updates – English 6/23/20
  • Landlord Tenant Law Updates – English 6/15/20
  • Mortgage, Rent, Student loan, Credit Card debt relief under the Cares Act – English 5/28/20
  • What You Need to Know About the Workplace – English 5/21/20

Covid-19 Updates in Spanish:

  • Casos Criminals Y De Familia Afectan Casos De Inmigracion para personas que no son ciudaddanas de los Estados Unidos – 7/24/20
  • Inmigracion casos durante Covid-19 – 7/21/20
  • Planificacion Durante Covid-19 – 6/30/20
  • Actualizaciones De Inmigracion Durante Covid-19 – 6/23/20
  • Propietario Inquilino Actualizaciones Durante Covid-19 – 6/15/20
  • Opciones De Alivio Bajo La Ley De Cares Preguntas Frecuentes y Respuestas – 5/28/20
  • Covid-19: Lo Que Necesitamos Saber Sobre El Lugar De Trabajo – 5/21/20